The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen’s Storage

Having a large kitchen with a walk-in pantry, plenty of room for storing seasonal decorations, and hidden places to put away kitchen appliances is a fantasy for many of us. However, most of us are working with small kitchens, making it difficult to find storage for our ever-expanding assortment of reusable water bottles.

While we may not be able to change the expense of living, there are simple methods of organization that may make even a modest kitchen feel much more spacious and inviting. The secret to preserving order is to commit to daily organizational practices, says professional organizer Joanna Wirick. Many seemingly insignificant daily decisions can add up to a significantly more manageable existence.

1. Create a Spice Drawer

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

If your kitchen is like ours and you have spices stashed in several cabinets, designating one drawer as a central storage area for all of them will help you feel more in control of your cooking environment. This will not only make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also make it much easier to find the precise spice you need at any given time.

2. Ditch Bulky Packaging

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

Foods like cereals and chips that are intended as snacks frequently come in big, awkward boxes or bags that are overly inflated. These oddities in packing can take up valuable shelf space and give the impression that your pantry is cluttered. Placing these snacks in transparent, stackable containers is a good approach. This clever arrangement not only frees up room in your pantry but also gives it a lovely, tidy touch.

Joanna Wirick suggests a sensible place to start before you take on the challenge of emptying all of your cupboards and drawers: the pantry purge. She suggests, “Start by concentrating on the necessities in your pantry and getting rid of anything that is past its expiration date.” This first step creates the foundation for a clutter-free, orderly kitchen, and efficient organization throughout.

3. Roll Your Tea Towels

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

It’s a common experience for many of us to fold our tea towels neatly, only to stack them into an unstable tower that topples every time we want to get one. Instead of stuffing your tea towels vertically behind a cabinet door, store them horizontally in a shallow drawer for a quick and easy fix to this common annoyance. By using this strategy, you can easily grab a towel whenever needed and get rid of the everyday discomfort of a toppling tower—it also adds a sense of cleanliness and order.

4. Store Small Snack Items in Baskets

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

Small snack products, including lunch-sized bags and granola bars, frequently have a way of disappearing into drawers and causing cabinet disarray. The sensible option of easy-access baskets can help you take back control of this snack mess. All of these tiny objects are effectively gathered into one convenient spot by these baskets, which eliminates the need to rummage through cluttered cabinets or drawers to find what you need.

5. Customize Your Shelf Heights

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

Making the most of every square inch of space is crucial for having an efficient and well-organized kitchen. This is a great chance if you’ve ever noticed empty space above your plates or cups. You may free up a surprising amount of extra storage by adding more shelves and measuring them to precisely the right height for your dishes. The end effect is a kitchen that is both better organized and may surprise you with how much-unused space you have been squandering.

6. Place Pantry Items on Lazy Susans

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

Consider this clever solution: use rotating lazy Susans to store taller bottles and jars in your pantry instead of packing it full of products that are prone to getting lost in the depths of the shelves. You can access your pantry staples in 360 degrees with these rotating platforms, which eliminates the need to shuffle and reach for products that are concealed in the rear. With everything easily accessible, your pantry will be more arranged and user-friendly, with only a simple turn of the lazy Susan to get what you need.

7. Place everyday items at Eye Level

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

For the majority of us, reaching the upper shelves in the kitchen might be difficult. Putting seasonal goods and entertaining necessities like platters and trays on the top shelves is a sensible way to deal with this problem. These are the things you don’t usually use as much.

On the other hand, place everyday objects like dishes and bowls on the shelves that are closest to eye level or easily accessible. You can maximize the organization of your kitchen and make sure that the things you use on a daily basis are easily accessible while seasonal or infrequent objects are kept safely up above by allocating distinct spaces for varying frequency of use.

8. Get Creative With Additional Storage

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

When you have limited room, you must consider every empty spot as a possible way to increase your storage capacity. This kitchen is a great illustration of this idea, as the underutilized side of a kitchen cabinet has been creatively used to add shelves and generate more storage.

This creative method not only maximizes available space but also gives the kitchen’s organization a useful and eye-catching touch. It illustrates how important it is to think of every nook and cranny when looking for storage solutions so that you can maximize the amount of space you have available.

9. Install Slide-Out Drawers

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

Although a lot of cabinets have a lot of storage space, getting to that space can often seem like a difficult undertaking. You can add slide-out drawers as a more practical alternative than bending over to reach the bottom of a cabinet.

These convenient pull-out shelves make it easier to reach that far-back, difficult-to-reach cabinet space that is frequently underutilized. These drawers slide out easily, allowing you easy access to stuff stored in the deepest corners of your cabinets. This makes your kitchen storage practical and easy to use.

10. Install Upper Shelves

The 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen's Storage

If your kitchen is without top cabinets, adding a few strategically placed shelves can give you the necessary storage without having to hire a contractor to build bespoke cabinetry. Furthermore, with today’s kitchen design trends, the idea of open shelves has become increasingly popular.

In addition to producing a sleek and modern look, this method guarantees that your kitchen necessities are always readily available and attractively displayed. The versatility of open shelving makes it an appealing option for anyone looking to add a little modern flair to their kitchen areas while still finding useful storage options.

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