8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

It’s normal to feel a little lost when it comes to choosing how to decorate the space above your bed, which is frequently ignored. Inquiries such as “Is it better to be assertive or neutral? Spicy or smooth? It can ask, “Patterned or plain?” But the first step in decorating a bedroom is to choose a focal point, and in most bedrooms, the bed serves as the main attraction. What you decide to put on top of it serves as the delicious frosting, so to speak.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of focal points; they provide a room that would otherwise feel disorganized and disconnected a feeling of coherence and purpose. Although there might not be strict guidelines for decorating above your bed, it’s generally a good idea to choose décor pieces that complement the concept of your bedroom and to make sure they are firmly attached.

The appeal is that there are countless options available for over-the-bed wall art that suit a wide range of aesthetics and color schemes. Whatever your style, there’s no doubt that you’ll find plenty of ideas to give this sometimes-overlooked canvas a makeover and incorporate a unique element into your bedroom design.

1. Display Portrait Art

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

Adopting the idea of hanging a compelling face over your head—whether it’s a picture of you, a loved one, or even an unfamiliar person—represents a special and original choice for décor. Such a design choice has considerably more influence than just aesthetics; it becomes an interesting and thought-provoking topic for discussion.

In addition to reflecting your tastes and personality, this creative exhibit gives your living area a touch of mystery and individuality. It’s a daring and unorthodox decision that demonstrates the interior designer’s limitless inventiveness. It provides an intriguing focal point that begs for conversation and attention, making it a standout component of any decor plan.

2. Add Soft Textiles

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

Curtains behind your bed, whether or not you have a window, offer an eye-catching design option that perfectly balances adding interest without being overpowering. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, curtains also function as a soft backdrop for your bed, which gives your room a calming atmosphere.

To create a visually pleasing and harmonious aesthetic, similar to the calm environment this bedroom exemplifies, choose a neutral color that blends in well with the room’s overall color scheme. This choice in decor lifts the whole mood and gives your bedroom hideaway a subtle elegance. It also produces a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

3. Install a Multi-Colored Art Panel

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

Adding visually striking art is an easy way to add inspiration to your living area. Admiring the dramatic effect of the growing art panel in this bedroom is impossible as it not only creates a sense of movement but also a lively and happy vibe to the space. The vibrant splatters that appear to cover every color in the rainbow adorning the art panel make it an arresting visual focal point.

It injects a creative and energetic spark into the décor, creating a lively and contagious atmosphere. This creative addition serves as a wonderful reminder of the amazing ability that art has to transform a room, which makes it a stunning and priceless component of bedroom design.

4. DIY an Epic Mural

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

A personalized mural can be a great way to style your bedroom and create a very eye-catching effect. Whether you choose a calm woodland background, a cosmic space motif, or even whimsical pink flamingos, this design option is incredibly versatile. Custom murals are a great option for smaller areas that might use the appearance of increased height because of their effortless ability to draw the eye upward.

Don’t worry if the only art you can make is stick figures. Decals and peel-and-stick mural substitutes are just two of the many possibilities that make creating an eye-catching mural easy. This design tip promises to be a game-changer for your bedroom’s décor—one that genuinely captivates and inspires—and it opens the door to a world of artistic possibilities.

5. Install Double-Raised Paneled Walls

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

Double-raised paneled walls have an elegant, classic appearance that will never go out of style. Its timeless appeal and adaptability make it a design option that never goes out of style. You have lots of possibilities when it comes to putting this style into your bedroom. Choose a neutral paint color for the wall or match it to the crisp white of your trim for a modest and basic style.

This option gives your room a timeless elegance and sophistication while emanating a sense of peace and sophistication. Choose a dark or vivid color that makes a strong statement instead, if you’re going for a bolder and more daring look. Because of their adaptability to any style, double-raised paneled walls are guaranteed to become a distinguishing and long-lasting feature in your bedroom decor.

6. Design a Bed-to-Ceiling Wooden Headboard

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

Why not consider creating a unique wooden headboard that doubles as a stunning piece of art? This can be a great activity for people who are handy and enjoy doing do-it-yourself tasks. In addition to offering a personalized touch, creating a unique wooden headboard is a beautiful way to turn a blank, stark white wall into a visually captivating canvas.

When a headboard is thoughtfully and creatively created, it becomes a monument to your artistic sensibilities and skill. This multipurpose item radiates style and utility, promising to be a distinctive and alluring addition that enhances the overall design of your bedroom and highlights your special abilities and character.

7. Add a Wood Trim

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

Installing a horizontal trim over your bed is a classy option for anyone looking for a decor choice that makes a modest yet noticeable statement. Above your bed, this understated addition functions as a blank canvas that easily accompanies whatever new design element you add.

The horizontal trim serves as a steady and calming backdrop regardless of the color scheme you choose to use, be it patterned wallpaper, vivid, strong colors, or various paint tones. It gracefully adjusts to changes, giving you the flexibility to play around with the design of your bedroom without sacrificing its classic allure. This design decision epitomizes the skill of interior design minimalism, demonstrating that even the smallest details can have a big impact.

8. Leave It to Your Headboard

8 Over-the-Bed Decorating Ideas for Every Style

You may add an additional dramatic touch to your living area by using your headboard as dual-purpose wall decor. In order to attain a perfectly proportioned yet opulent appearance, search for headboards with a regal scale. These towering and commanding versions are available in a variety of styles, including pleated, tufted, plain, and elegantly curved forms. Aim for headboards that reach a majestic 75 inches or more for the maximum effect and height.

Large rooms with high ceilings are the ideal setting for these imposing headboards since they provide a fascinating focal point. Selecting shorter headboard styles can significantly contribute to maintaining visual openness and creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in smaller areas. Standard headboards typically measure about 59 inches, so you can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your unique space and design tastes.

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