This Genius Type of Dessert is so Easy to Make, and Perfect for the Holidays

This ultra-lemony dish uses lemon juice, zest, and extract for an easy twist on a classic dessert.

Lemon Pie Bars

Blueberry-based pie bar with sour cream and cinnamon delivers.

Blueberry Pie Bar

In this one-bowl dish using canned pumpkin pie filling, homemade crust and topping, ease is the key. This dish has over 45,000 shares, proving its popularity.

Pumpkin Pie Bars

This recipe combines graham crackers, heavy cream, chocolate, marshmallows, and an unexpected espresso touch to satisfy your s'mores appetite.

Hot Chocolate Pie Bars

It's recommended to reserve this dish until spring, but if you can find fresh strawberries at your local grocery, bake them now.

Strawberry Bars

Peach pie filling makes this a year-round way to enjoy fresh peaches. A delicate glaze tops it off, although ice cream is fine too.

Peach Pie Bars