These Are The Best ‘Unbelievably Flattering’ Bob Haircuts For Older Women: Including a Graduated Bob

 A bob may be sleek, smart, intriguing, and sensual at any age. A bob's best characteristic is its ability to be tailored to your face shape, features, personal style, and mood that month. There's bob for everyone.

 That lob may require more attention because it will lose its lob shape if it grows too much. This can help elongate a longer face.


A chin-length bob covers your chin. This length works great for longer faces since it gives the illusion of width. With thinner hair, this style can make it look thicker.

Chin-length Bob

Layers may raise your face and give your hair style and movement, thus Hickox recommends this style for nine out of 10 people.

Graduated Bob

A bob without layers might be elegant, but not for everyone. This form suits medium-to-thick densities.

One-Length Bob

If you wish to highlight face characteristics, this length lets hairdressers shape the hair more.