Scary-Good Vintage Halloween Party Treats

These crunchy, light biscuits with fun fillings are ideal Halloween party snacks.

Goblin Chewies

These delicious Halloween party goodies will satisfy sweet tooths. Enjoy their orange icing and candied pumpkin decorations.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Bars

Combine these tasty mini brooms with Witches' Brew for magic. This recipe simply requires pretzel rods and licorice.

Witches’ Brooms

Who doesn't like gooey caramel apples? These Halloween party goodies sell fast, so make two!

Caramel Apples

Ten neighborhood kids helped me prepare ghost cupcakes for a bake sale, but I'm sure most never made it that far!

Sugar Ghost Cupcakes

This tasty blend is so tasty, a bowl never lasts long. Feel free to substitute candy corn for candy pumpkins

Pumpkin Snack Mix