6 Recipes That Start With a Packet of Onion Soup Mix

Salad dressing cuts this family favorite's prep time to 10 minutes. Extra sauce on baked Catalina chicken before serving is my preference.

Catalina Chicken

Traditional dinners are easy with this slow-cooker recipe. Serve juicy sirloin steak with a delicious sauce over noodles for a family-friendly dish they'll ask for again.

Steak Stroganoff

With a little leftover French dip, I had this idea. Fun and a unique take on leftovers. A little hot sauce goes well with them!

French Dip Tacos

These handheld pies are made ahead, frozen, and baked the day of the celebration. They are popular at tailgates and potlucks.

Miniature Meat Pies

Your family has loved this savory side dish for years. Our 12-year-old daughter Jennifer mastered this recipe, which helped me as a busy working mom.

Herb Rice Pilaf

This dish is quite easy to make. A bottle of salad dressing and onion soup mix give the chicken a great tang, and no one will know until you tell them.

No-Fuss Chicken