5 Easy, Delicious Ways To Add Protein To Your Oatmeal

Protein-infused oatmeal is a great breakfast idea for a successful day. This winning mix will boost your energy, maintain your health, and keep you full.

Milk instead of water can add some serious protein to your oatmeal," adds. "When used, it can result in an incredibly creamy bowl of oats.


The probiotics in this yogurt can also assist your intestines, she says. Be careful how warm your oatmeal gets to maximize probiotic effects.

Greek yogurt

Not only do eggs add some high-quality protein, but they also provide vitamin B12, choline, and a slew of other important nutrients.

Eggs or egg whites

Best of all, cottage cheese is abundant in casein, a late-absorbing milk-derived protein that boosts metabolism and muscular building.

Cottage cheese

Tree nuts and peanuts have nutritional characteristics that can benefit human health, in particular, regarding the prevention and treatment of diseases

Nut butters&nuts